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Bioluminescence by sjsaberfan

I had so much fun with this one!!

Here’s my character, Cricket. What began as a small sketch of toying with her design expanded into a small project that got me familiar with the setting // world I want to place her into.

Cricket is a feline Fey Dragon, and assumed to be one of the last of her kind. Much to Cricket’s distaste, the ancient Faerie Dragon spirits always fuss over her and follow her quite often. She’s a wanderer, always searching for adventure and new lands. She’s a rebellious, curious, quite naive, and doesn’t often listen to anyone. She’s a mischief-maker by nature, and finds herself in heaps of trouble which she always ends up squirming her way out of without even knowing how exactly she managed it.

When night falls, the forest seems to come  alive with a combination of luminescent glow caused by (one of the three) moons’ light when it hits the leaves, and minuscule Faerie Dragons that have a bad habit of following Cricket around. She hears them whispering and chirping, but can’t quite make out what they’re saying to her. They seem to be guiding her, but perhaps she just isn’t ready to hear the information they’re trying to deliver.

Art//Character is mine


Summertime Sensations by sjsaberfan
Summertime Sensations

So I figured I’d do a redraw of something I drew about four years ago featuring my oldest and dearest characters, Hawkears (the girl in the back) and Leopardfire (the calico guy). Cell shading this time! That was an adventure, but definitely fun!!

Here’s the one from 2010:

Friends For Life


Art // Characters are mine

Please don’t use without my permission



Hey, Hey, Hey! Guess Who's Alive? (FANIME?)

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 6, 2014, 7:11 PM
Been quite awhile, hmm?

It seems as if I only update my journals now if school is coming to an end or a con is coming up. Ha~

Well it just so happens that this is the exact case. >u<


My Sophomore year is coming to an end in about six weeks, and let me tell you... It can't come fast enough. I have spring break in two weeks as well which will be nice.

So as far as I know, I will be attending Fanime! ^u^ I'll be going with SasukeTheEmoQueen as well as WritingFeather and Punkett13 if all goes as planned.<33

The con starts literally the day after this year of school ends, so it will be a perfect way to transition into summer vacation as far as I am concerned. >D<

I don't really have a fleshed out "Lineup" though I do know that I will be bringing Hiccup (HTTYD) and Colonial!Jack Frost (RotG) and wearing those cosplays for most of the time. I may also bring a few cosplays from Homestuck such as Nepeta Leijon and Karkat Vantas.


More updates on this as I know more info~ ^^

  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: teachers yelling at the class to hang in there
  • Reading: What SHOULD I be reading? Pride and Prejudice.
  • Watching: as I desperately struggle to survive this year
  • Playing: the game of life in which I am failing at
  • Eating: their hearts v
  • Drinking: the blood of my enemies

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