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Solangelo .:. All Yours by sjsaberfan
Solangelo .:. All Yours

"That was incredible." Will finally breathed. "I mean, I'm inspired, I-" The son of Apollo suddenly looked alert, pursing his lips together with widening eyes. "I think I feel a Haiku coming on, actually."

Nico groaned in dismay. "Oh, Will. Not now! Why do you always have to-"

"Yep, it's definitely a Haiku!" Will announced. He laughed and reached out and tried to gather Nico closer as the squirming pirate rolled onto his stomach and tried to cover his head with the closest pillow.

Nico's voice was muffled by the blankets. "I'm not listening."


Some lighthearted Solangelo loving after Nico returned to Camp after a long voyage at sea or something. When they're older, I like to imagine Nico becoming a free-spirited Pirate while Will continues to study his medical degree.

I drew this with intention of it being their 'first time', but it's honestly up to you for your interpretation. ^^


Art by me
Please do not 
reupload on other sites or use without my permission.

Nico di Angelo Cosplay .:. Wherever I May Roam by sjsaberfan
Nico di Angelo Cosplay .:. Wherever I May Roam

“I am Nico di Angelo, son of Hades.

I go where I wish. The darkness is my birthright.”


>> Full Photoset Here:… <<

This weekend at the con, my friends and I headed over to the park to snap some photos of our Percy Jackson cosplays. Here’s some of Nico!

Nico//Editing: Me//Sabertooth-Raccoon
Photographeryuuidflourite​ // dork-with-a-camera
Please check her out if you get the chance!!~ Her photos are to die for.

Scourge//Tigerstar .:. Over-Throned by sjsaberfan
Scourge//Tigerstar .:. Over-Throned
I think everyone who has read warriors has either drawn or thought about drawing Tigerstar's death.
Here I am to contribute. xD

So I haven't read Warriors in about four years, but I got a random urge to draw scenes from it again the other day.

It was sort of inspired as a redraw of this old piece of mine (except not as shippy |D)
Isn't it Sad That I Love You More Dead?


Art by me
Reigniting the Oracle .:. Chapter Two by sjsaberfan
Reigniting the Oracle .:. Chapter Two

Hey-ho matey, Saber here! So I received a lot of positive feedback on my last Reigniting the Oracle fic, so I decided to continue it!

I just want you to know that the reason this fic exists is because of all of your support. I really appreciate each and every message, comments, and tags you guys left for me! I was originally going to leave that as a stand-alone drabble, but I’m continuing it now. This wouldn’t be possible without you, so thanks for being here for me!<3

Before we get started, you can find Chapter One Here just in case you want to recap or if you haven’t read it yet. I’d suggest starting with chapter one before reading chapter two. Or you can just dash into chapter two blindly and be super confused if that’s what you prefer I mean, you do you bro. //shOT


Reigniting the Oracle : Chapter Two

Will couldn’t decide what was worse: Being trapped on a ship infested with Telekhine pirates or being crammed into the backseat of a submarine with a zombie behind the wheel. Nico had mentioned awhile ago that Jules-Albert was a racer in his past life. Hopefully he took part in the Submarine Olympics or something too.

Will was crammed between Lou Ellen and Cecil in the back seat of a supposed-to-be-personal sized submarine-car. There was no leg room, no seat belts, and barely enough room to expand his lungs to breathe. On top of that, they were all soaking wet, shivering from the cold water, and a tad shaken up at the whole Telekhine incident back on the pirate ship.

It had to be past midnight by now. The only reason Will wasn’t dozing off was because he couldn’t sleep over the sound of his own heartbeat. He was still a little jittery about the whole pirate ship escapade. On top of that, his first not-so-pleasant shadow-traveling experience was still nagging at him. Will had seen some pretty terrifying images in the darkness, some including Apollo, that he would talk to Nico about after he healed up. Will kept bringing his fingers up to brush across his face. He’d never shadow traveled before, and it was an experience that Will wished never to repeat again. The darkness was definitely not his element. He felt like his face was literally peeling away in the blinding darkness. Nico had traveled all the way around the world using shadow travel while having a 40 foot statue roped to his back? The guy deserved more credit than he was given.

Aside from the shadow-traveling jitters, Will kept reliving the exact moment after their fall when Nico had resurfaced from the ocean, gasped for air, went limp in Will’s arms. Will could still feel the terror that flooded his veins when he witnessed Nico’s arm slip right through his shoulder. It was only brief as if Will’s eyes had been playing tricks on him, but he knew better. As Will had tended to Mellie during the battle with Gaia, Coach Hedge had told him stories of how Nico transported the Athena Parthenos half way across the globe. It had sucked so much life out of the son of Hades that he would pass out for days at a time. Coach Hedge also mentioned a few incidents where he saw Nico’s belt drop around his ankles as if he was losing his physical body and becoming a ghost himself.

Although everyone was safe, Will still didn't exactly feel comfortable with a zombie driving their submarine and its master passed out in the shotgun seat. Will could usually calm others down pretty easy, he wasn't exactly skilled keeping himself calm before he knew everyone else was well cared for first. Will swiveled his head to the left and practically smooched Cecil's cheek. He quickly lurched back only to collide the back of his head against Lou Ellen's temple who yelped and elbowed Will's ribs in response. Gods of Olympus, it was crammed back here

Cecil had his knees tucked up to his chest as he gazed out the window. He made comments under his breath such as, whoa look at that fish! Is that a shark? Make 'ya look. Are we there yet? All comments were left unanswered. They were all a little too busy recapping their final moments of certain doom back on the pirate ship that they miraculously managed to survive. But when all hope was lost, the oh-so-heroic Nico di Angelo managed to blow up the ship, shadow-travel out, and almost died in the process. Will shuffled nervously and scowled to himself. It had been too close of a call.

Lou Ellen kept her hands folded in her lap and tried to look anywhere but outside the submarine-car and at the empty-eyed chauffeur steering it. Will sensed her panicking in the enclosed space, but a touch to her wrist calmed her down. At least his healing powers were somewhat working.

Will's father hadn't been answering to any of his prayers. Apollo also used to appear in Will's dreams from time to time, but not as of lately. Will always dreaded the Haikus that Apollo would spout during their brief chit-chats, but now he almost found himself missing them. It wasn't like his father to be this silent. The battle with Gaia was over, yet Apollo was still missing. Something was wrong, and that something had to be linked with the disappearance of Delphi. They'd been blindly sent on this mission with nothing but a prophecy spouted from Ella the Harpy, the Syllibine Books, and a dumb pirate ship scroll to guide them.

Well, technically, Will hadn't been sent on this quest.

Quests were limited to three Demigods. Nico was chosen to lead it, then Lou Ellen and Cecil had volunteered to accompany him. It wasn't until they were packing their bags did Will receive word that they were leaving on a quest without him. With Apollo being so silent for months and the prophecy foretelling something about the Fall of the Sun, Will demanded he tag along. It would be unforgivable if something had happened to his father and he wasn't there to defend him. Also, Will must admit he was a little nervous about Nico leading a quest and returning safely. Will knew from past experiences with the Son of Hades that he was determined, but he often overlooked his personal needs and focused primarily on the goal.

Will shifted uncomfortably between Cecil and Lou Ellen. Jules-Albert kept unnervingly calm, weaving through the current and debris of the ocean. Nico had commented awhile back about his chauffeur's resistance to road-rage. Apparently this also came into play when winding through schools of fish and dodging octopi. The undead driver spoke in no form of communication aside from zombie-like grunts, so Will couldn't even ask if they were near the shore. The only one who could translate his words was Nico. Will's eyes wandered over to a crumpled, rugged haired, soaking wet son of Hades.

>>> To avoid a terribly long description, the rest of the story can be found in my "" >> Reigniting the Oracle .:. Chapter Two


Art + Fic by Me
Please for the love of god do not repost.


Hey, Hey, Hey! Guess Who's Alive? (FANIME?)

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 6, 2014, 7:11 PM
Been quite awhile, hmm?

It seems as if I only update my journals now if school is coming to an end or a con is coming up. Ha~

Well it just so happens that this is the exact case. >u<


My Sophomore year is coming to an end in about six weeks, and let me tell you... It can't come fast enough. I have spring break in two weeks as well which will be nice.

So as far as I know, I will be attending Fanime! ^u^ I'll be going with SasukeTheEmoQueen as well as WritingFeather and Punkett13 if all goes as planned.<33

The con starts literally the day after this year of school ends, so it will be a perfect way to transition into summer vacation as far as I am concerned. >D<

I don't really have a fleshed out "Lineup" though I do know that I will be bringing Hiccup (HTTYD) and Colonial!Jack Frost (RotG) and wearing those cosplays for most of the time. I may also bring a few cosplays from Homestuck such as Nepeta Leijon and Karkat Vantas.


More updates on this as I know more info~ ^^

  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: teachers yelling at the class to hang in there
  • Reading: What SHOULD I be reading? Pride and Prejudice.
  • Watching: as I desperately struggle to survive this year
  • Playing: the game of life in which I am failing at
  • Eating: their hearts v
  • Drinking: the blood of my enemies

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